Your Ghosts Inhabit The Fog, And The Lights Of Our Ancient City Burn Strongly Into The Darkest Night

by Dan Whitley

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released August 2, 2016

All music and lyrics written by Dan Whitley
Programmed, performed, recorded, produced by Dan Whitley
Cover art: photography by Tann Whight -
drawing and editing by Dan Whitley



all rights reserved
Track Name: Twig-pebble
I'm alright
It's all just fine
You wanted to hurt me
Well that's okay
You wanted to make me cry
It's not a problem
I'd like to see you try

You were gaping out the corner
Of your flattened hotel screen
We're just trying to escape
That which the devil thought he knew
Do you wanna get out?
Spend the night in the house of fun?
Do you wanna take off that coat?
Relax, just slide down that screen
The procession begins
And they all come in
It's too late to refuse, they won't tell you whose
Your carpet's torn to shreds, you lost your head
Do you wanna get out?
Travel far from the house of fun?
You can try to hold the fringe down but the devil sees straight through
Everything's okay
I'm gonna watch you fly
Track Name: Silence Of Science
Channel your internalistic loss of limbs
Hell-bent on your sadist schemes

Give no answer to your questions
Raise the cry for ignorance
Never speak a word that's truthful
Hear the silence of science

Just invent the numbers you need
No need for doctors anymore
Lie to the public as you twist the knife
Burn all the trees

You say you have a right to be heard
Well who says we have to listen?
You just want money for your bogus god
If the stories were true you would end up in hell

Track Name: Where Are You Now? (your ghosts inhabit the fog)
There's something in the smoke
That hangs above this city
Would you take away the pain
And give us back our lives

Where are you now?
Running from a darkened shambles?
Or hiding in a deep glass of wine?
Am I here to see the celebration?
Or to lead in the funeral train?

My flower is sickening
Fading into to darkness
I wish I could give back the light
That once lit her distorted face


So I search for the magic
That keeps our friends alive
Don't know if I'll find it
Without the one I lost

Track Name: Why? (bhklnprsy)
Can you leave your hate behind?
Can you leave your hate behind?
Can you leave it at the door?

You stay inside your little box
Just making misery
A factory of tears
A sweatshop for our pain
Oh, why?

Do you think that they'll get better?
Do you think it helps?

Nobody can recover
Our pain is eternal
Just wake up and stare
You could have got them a bear
At least they still can think with no legs

Perhaps you could deserve it
The fame you all have won

But no, talentless and empty
Like a skinned pig on a fire
You're inflated and separated
From the world you criticise
Survive for a year without limbs and I'll listen
Otherwise, why?
Track Name: No Filter; Or, How To Open The Curtains And
The moon hangs over the shore
As they chase you
The sun will rise in the west
For you alone

With your hands behind your back
Tie your hands behind your neck
Because you lived without a filter
They called you insane
I'm not sure

They'll keep you locked up in a cage
Just because you're different
Keep you tied up in your mind
Just because they fear you


But if they're scared of you
They'll run away
They just don't want to lose
But they know that you can beat them
With your hands behind your back
Or tied behind your neck
With your hands behind your back
Or tied behind your neck
Track Name: See
Take a barren rock
Adrift in the black ocean
Will we learn to make it grow?

Take a hollow tree
And raze it to the ground
Just to sleep warmer at night
Will we learn to make it grow?

Take a running dive
Into the black ocean
It's the only way we can survive
Turn those rocks into life
Do you know the trees can see you?
Track Name: We Will Sing Until You're Dead; Or, Why Not? (bbcdkkllmmnrrry)
You're not like the others
When you do what is right
They only care about themselves
You care about the world
They want to take the other lives away
You gave them hope
They want to nail the world down by its knees
You showed them love

We will sing for you
Until the day you die
You'll always have a place

Your words are not about you
You've no need to make yourself big
We're honoured to ride out with you
Our axes swing side by side

Marching through the town
Dressed in rags like a common beggar
How d'you expect them to see your side
When all they have is fast-handed
We want them to give us the world
But we'll have to take it ourselves
You can be noble and peaceful
As you rot in your grave


Stick to your dreams and hold your head up
(We'll sing for you)
Keep on going just do what you are
(We'll sing for you)
We know you'll never stop

We're singing about you [x6]

We can give you board and lodgings
Here's the bread and the wine
Don't drink it, it'll kill you
But else you'll die of thirst
You don't have to kill to take what's yours
Can we teach it to the others
And even if you lose we'll still be winners
Just because we saw you fight


We will be singing about you
Until we fade away
And in our ancient city
Out go the lights
Track Name: Certified Nutjob
We wrote a song together
A hundred songs ago
Now the bonds are broken
The band no longer plays

Are you as mad as they say you are?
Or am I as crazy as they come?
We'll just stay in this cage together

Still I write these songs for you
But you will never sing them

If we try to get back together
But you just don't show up
Then how can you call this our band
Not even an empty shell
A relic of our histories
The time before the floodgates opened
We lost our minds
In pours the light
Takes away the madness
Takes away the joy


It's not the same
Without your voice on top
So many years I hated you
But now where have you gone?
This song needs a melody

Track Name: Where Are You Now? (the lights of our ancient city)
Shadowy people go about their night
Endless stream past the window of house
Won't be quite home till you're in here belonging
Are you there amongst them?
Are you there inside them?

Where are you now?
Dancing in a pitch black warehouse?
Or lying back out on a bed?
And am I here to try and forget it?
Or do I just hope to see you again?
But where are you now?

So many times I saw you
The nights are darker, can't find it no more
Never quite had it, never quite got there
Never there amongst you
Never deep inside you


Out the door I go
Walk into the city
Over and over and over and over
Walk until you find me
Walk till you're inside me

Track Name: 7A1
If we run from the streets
If we hide from the knives
If we fly from our homes
If we die

Turn the light off when you leave the room

Too much light inside the window
Much too dark outside the door
I can't see out where have you flown to
I watched you fly away

Turn the light off when you leave the room

I'm on top of the world
You're outside my window
I'm on top of the world now

And Samantha owns nine cats
They'll hunt you when they see you
But more often than not
They're blinded by the machinery


And I don't want to know whose games you play
Don't want to know whose sons you shot
I don't want to know whose shoes you wear
Just tell me more about love


Now there are two (two birds)
Two of you flying (two birds)
All the furry babies (two birds)
Fade into the night

Turn the light off when you leave the room
Track Name: Thing O' Word
As the morning comes
The people rise and wake
I see them as I walk
Through the echo of our night
We had our time together
A long, long time ago
Now the dawn is coming
It tears us limb from limb
The shadows are receding
Do we want to see?

What will they do to our city?
How can she last the day?
The night is surely over
But how I wish to stay
One more night amongst you
Before we part the ways

But still the morning comes
And takes you far away
I'll just keep on walking
Let the light enslave your soul