Willow Turmudgeon (In Memory Of)

by Dan Whitley

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An E.P..


released December 9, 2015

All music and lyrics written by Dan Whitley
Programmed, performed, recorded, produced by Dan Whitley
Cover art by Dan Whitley



all rights reserved
Track Name: Not Wanted (ccgglmnr)
not wanted.
you let yourself in.
we never asked for you.
not once. not twice. not one-and-a-half
not wanted.
not wanted.
not wanted.
let yourself go.
if you know what is good.
for you.
and us and all the others.
not you.
not wanted.
Track Name: I Held Your Hand (Down Amongst The Willows)
I held your hand
Down amongst the willows
I held your hand for just five seconds
And you ripped my heart right out

Perhaps it was your birthday too, it wasn't mine
Perhaps you wanted it too, they dragged you away
Perhaps you wanted me, but it wasn't to be
It wasn't to be


Your hair so short, and brown
It hung around your face
Like a window in the Alps, you looked
But you'll never look at me again


You drifted away from me
I told you to stay, but no you wouldn't listen, would you?
You never wanted me, it wasn't to be
It wasn't to be, no

[chorus x2]
Track Name: Falling Apart (falingapart)
It's not like a book
It's not like a film
It's not what we wanted
It's not what we wanted
It's never what you need

We're falling apart [x8]
I wish it would stop [x3]
Because I need this life
This life
I need it
But it's falling apart [x3]

Get out your long black cloak
Get out your baggy jumper
It keeps them from escaping
I'll keep you from escaping
It could be what we need


I won't let you go
I won't let you out
You'll never get away, never get away, never get away, never get away
We need this

Track Name: BEHIND YOU (Our Eyes)
He could be anywhere but he's not
He could be round that bend
He could be in this room but he's not
He's coming for you
Our eyes have been watching you
We like what we see
We're coming to take you now
Nobody has to get hurt
He will be in this room while you sleep
We're coming for you