by Dan Whitley

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released August 19, 2014

All music and lyrics written by Dan Whitley
Programmed, performed, recorded, produced by Dan Whitley
Cover art:
photograph by Jon Wright - www.facebook.com/WrightTurnWoodturning/
manipulated by Dan Whitley



all rights reserved
Track Name: Phun Tymzz, Part III: Drinks For The Few
diversity of hacking at the feet of statue body builders drinking cups of tea time by the river of a dreamscape from a prison ‘cross the common where they eat the distant strangers to a tune of bouncing chords that hold your trousers up and down and up and down and up and down and down to the bar for a glass of gin with whisky and sheep’s blood pours from your nose as he runs off with the book of song for the dearth of words to take the loss of it with drinks for the few

questioning the difference quisling in a bed of nails of steel ballet shoes of clay in the ground circuits round a cat on a stick to the man with a hole for a nose for a bargain hunting with the red and the hounds are hounding and pounding and floundering down through the mud in a ditch that goes to help me up I’ve drunk too much noise from the speakers of the houses in a row down the terrace in the garden of even if you have had a drink with the few
Track Name: Phun Tymzz, Part IV: The Wait, including Meanwhile At The Moneylenders'
Can we go in yet?
We just want to see the show
Insects fill the hallway
They’re beetles and they’re crickets

We’ve heard it’s quite a good one,
And we’d really like to know
Are there dancing bears and lions,
Or are they just food for later?
Will they eat their trainers,
Or are they just after us?

Can we go in yet?
We’ve given you our money

[Meanwhile At The Moneylenders’]
[whispered:] The end is near. The end is coming.

In you go my friends
Soon the show begins
They came to take your money
Now we come to take your soul
Track Name: Song
Look at the man, as he walks round the courtyard,
Witness the way that he walks:
This walk is the walk of a man who is counting the days ‘til he dies all alone;
A man who has nothing, to live for or die for, and tonight he will be on his own

The world keeps on changing as we walk around your place
And I came out there for you, but you kicked me right off the edge
But later I saw you, and tears were all over your face
And I kept them from hurting, but that doesn’t mean that,
I want you to stay right here within this house of mine.

And would you not help him, in his quest of desire,
To seek the one thing that he loves?
You could just be there for a man who has nothing, to keep him from falling apart
But whenever you leave him, the winter draws colder; the forecast is looking so dark


The man he sees nothing, but smoke and confusion, the way that her hair used to be.
And you should not try to, to take him up with you, where nothing he wants can be found.
You think you can tempt him, but all he can see is, the way to get back to his life.

I have to accept him, and let him find something, that stops him from looking around.
I cannot control him, but he will walk with me, perhaps I can cure him of strife.

Track Name: What Did You Expect When You Named It After A Tree?
[indecipherable mumbling] … what did you expect when you named it after a tree?

The strangers stand watching as a fight starts to go
Alan wants his marmalade but Fred tells him no
You tell him to turn it off but he screams and he locks you out
And you think that you’ve heard good things but was just that the girl upstairs?
Your favourite band are singing songs that you don’t know
And Jonathan screams as he falls down the hole
We have to find a better way (better way, better way, better way)
We have to find a better way (better way, better way, better way)
We have to find a better way (better way, better way, better way)
We have to, we have to, we have to, we have to

And he may’ve written no but the answer was yes
If he told you that he loved you it would just make a mess
They say that we should tell the truth, but you’re struggling to see
They want us all to serve the country, “but do they really need me?”
Everybody tries too hard to be polite
You gotta get down from your high-up sting
And you don’t want any when he comes round with cake
But how will you feel when you drown in the lake?
[Chorus x2]

We will disembowel you slowly o’er an open fire
You’re kicking and you’re screaming as we shave your vapid hair
And a splendid time may be guaranteed
But how about the feeling as you scream and you bleed?
You’ve got nothing more to give but still they threaten and rob you blind
The man holds out a form and takes your silver for his soul
And you see all that money coming round on the train
You just stand there screaming as it’s starting to rain
The optimist says that it’s gonna get worse
And the pessimist tells you it can only get better
You’re trying hard to get away but you can’t escape the scene
But what did you expect when you named it after a tree?
[Chorus x3]
[fade out]
Track Name: Party Song
Welcome to the party
Welcome to the party
Welcome to our home
Come in to the party
It’s gonna be so great
Everyone will be dancing hard
Everyone will be singing so loud
We want you
We need you
Our god devours your souls
Try to run
Try to escape your fate
Try to get away


My friends
We’ll help you to escape from your destiny
Oh no
You cannot hide from him
It’s too late
He takes you to hell

Party is over
Time to go home
Get out of our house
We don’t want you here
Go to bed
We don’t need you
No longer required

Track Name: Phun Tymzz, Part VIII: Grand Finale, Part I
My friends
This is the end of the line
There is no more we go no further
We’re stopping soon
We’ll stop the train
You can get off now
Get off get off
We are approaching the end of the tracks
Drawing to a close
The end of the road
There is no more to see and hear
The end is near
The end is coming
The bus stops to let you down
Get off get off get off get off
Get off get off get off get off
So ends our perfect day
So ends our time together
The end is near
The end is coming
They leave
The people in their masses
All of them departing
Leaving only us
Me and you together
In this broken train
Holding on
We go over the edge
We’ve reached the end of the line
The end of our little rhyme
The ends of our lives
The ends of our fun times