There Is Only One Tomorrow

by Dan Whitley

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released May 8, 2015

All music and lyrics written by Dan Whitley
Performed, recorded, produced by Dan Whitley
Cover art mixed media by Dan Whitley



all rights reserved
Track Name: There Is Only One Tomorrow
There is only one tomorrow!
Gustav, will you tell us when it's gonna come
Gutsy wind'll tell us when it's on it's way
Gustav, will you tell us when it's gonna come
Gutsy wind'll tell us when it's on it's way
There is only one tomorrow!
Track Name: Alexithymium (The House Where No One Speaks)
What you've done to me
Is blasphemy
To throw me out
Onto the street
Just to see the look in my eyes
But I won't just let it go
I couldn't help myself
I moved on from tomorrow
Back into your time
I am who I am
I'll never change
In the house where no one speaks
I'm struggling to listen
To escape that blank refusal
When your eyes meet mine
The papers want to see me
The pope will have to know
I'll think that I've found freedom
Then your eyes meet mine
Track Name: The Ongoing Saga Of Sir Benjamin Brocklebank And Mr. R. C. Priday
Benjamin Brocklebank lives on a hill where the people look down on him,
down through their noses and livers and down as he tries
to forget their forgetting, of smells he's regretting and you

Robert Priday was a man with a lawyer who lived with his mother
at home by a lamp-post and boxes as round in the pub-house
he drinks to forget all the times he was left on his own

Late on a night there's no chance of escaping the world
that would leave them together and always forever alone,
as many would leave them, to stand and be ridiculed down in the dust

These two young men they must hold on to freedom as people look down on them,
down through the night and the darkness encroaching
on souls of the innocent, wanting to live without leaving their youth