Peace E​.​P.

by Dan Whitley

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released April 16, 2017

Music and lyrics by Dan Whitley.
All tracks performed, programmed, recorded and produced by Dan Whitley.
Cover art: watercolour by Dan Whitley



all rights reserved
Track Name: Peace
We only spoke the once
I thought you liked what you heard
I thought you might like to have some tea
There's a little shop you're always in
Maybe I should have said some more
Not just 'hi' and a wave
I wrote a message to say 'hey!'
Maybe I should have sent it

I held the door for you
Should have made some comment
Thought "shouldn't there be a quicker way?"
No doubt you did too
But still you're silent
And I don't remember now
You'd be the kernel of my life
But I will not worship in your image

You can live in peace
You're not tearing me to pieces
Not anymore
But I wouldn't mind knowing how

You've got it down to an art
You know how to be silent
Is that what we want?

You sit across from me every day
Together we eat in silent peace
Mine is chutney and lettuce salad
What do you have for lunch?
We both laugh inside and avert our eyes
When the man makes a pitiful joke
I could call you tonight
We'd laugh together
Is the treaty broken yet?

[chorus x2]
Track Name: How Do You Breathe?
All through the night
I hear you coughing
Men they knock
Packages come in
With what's in there
How do you breathe?

I heard you don't get any sleep
Have you seen me?
When I'm lying awake at night
We could talk in the passage
Or just be awake together
You're a little little thing
All of us want to know
What do you do with your time?
What's in all those bags?


Stick out that little tongue
Clean those little teeth
Talk to me (x4)
Grunt, squeak, and moan
There's nothing better to do
Talk to me (x4)


Sometimes you look wide awake
But still you never speak
What are you waiting for?
Open your mouth

Track Name: From L.A. To San Francisco
I met you on a bus
From L.A. to San Francisco
And you smiled there when you saw me
And you came and sat right by me

We didn't have much money
So we rolled along the beaches
And we travelled home by thumb-line
'Cause you found you had a baby

What were the chances? (x3)
What were the chances of that?

We were together in our past lives
Later I lost you and fell into my deep despair
I travelled to escape and you caught me all over again

I met you on a bus
From L.A. to San Francisco
And you smiled there when you saw me
And you came and sat right by me

We had ten months together
When the smiles they wouldn't stop
And we went out there to Fiji
And we married on the beaches
As the sun set low around us
And the waves they rolled ashore

We had ten months together (xa few)
We had ten months together and the smiles and the miles and the aisles and the child
The smiles and the miles and the isles and the child (x8)

We moved into your dream house
And you had your dream job
And I wasn't unhappy
But sun!
But light!
And the moon!
At night!
And the darkness closes in...

I left and took a bus
From L.A. to San Francisco
And he cried there as I left you
But we neither of us helped it

The change it had to come then
But we knew it wasn't over
You thought that I would come back to you
Be your slave again
He thought that I was gone forever
Though he'd tried to stop it
He couldn't come out with me
Though I gave him enough money
He wanted to be with me
'Cause you wouldn't even listen

I didn't have much money
So I rolled along the beaches
And as I lay there dying then
A young voice came behind me and said
You left me by a bus
From L.A. to San Francisco
I was your only first-born son
But still you didn't want me
And now that you are leaving us
I've come out here to find you
It's never really worth it
I'll have to catch my bus
It's due in forty minutes
San Francisco to L.A.