Five, Part V: Cyclic Ultimatum & Grand Finale, Part II

by Dan Whitley

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released August 9, 2015

All music written by Dan Whitley except where otherwise specified
All lyrics by Dan Whitley
Programmed, performed, recorded, produced by Dan Whitley
Cover art:
photograph by Jon Wright -
manipulated by Dan Whitley



all rights reserved
Track Name: Five, Part V, Part I: The Beginning Of The End
Beginning of the end
They'll never let us go
We'll never leave this place
Five came to take us for the sacrifice
Track Name: Joeseph Starling/I Wish I Was (S.C.)
[Joeseph Starling:]
It's always so easy for you
You'll always control all you see
Everything you do is good enough
You can always just scrape on through

You'll never accept who they are
Never believe in their rights
Yet you'd fight for them half to the death
If it helped your desires

You want us to scream out your name
You want us to fear you
Well not this time
We'll never respect you
They'll try to forget you
But not this time
There's far too much fun to be had
In watching you struggle
As you watched us

[I Wish I Was (S.C.):]
I wish I was you
You've got all the power
Controlling the controller
Like a puppet on a string

I want to be free
But it's hard to imagine
What you'd say if you heard it
From his own mouth

I'd like to escape
Say the people in my country
In my land and his
They want to be rid of your tyranny once and for all

I wish I was you
You know that you're safe there
And even if he tries
To come up here
You know we'll never let him in
Track Name: Five, Part V, Part II: Never Writing Out Of The Boxes They Give You The
Never writing out of the boxes they give you the
Flick-knives with the battles and the killers of ease
Run into the stables and you're down on your knees
Hiding from the chasers oh yeah you're begging please
Come on let me out of here won't you give me the trees

Never writing out of the boxes they give you the
World-wise expeditions grating all up a hill
Sneaking through the turnpike they will find out your will
Laying there in bed alone just waiting to feel
Come on back into the room now give me the bill

Never writing out of the boxes they give you the
Overhead the mongoose flies and lays out its wings
Hiding from the jackals who would take all your rings
Far behind the iron wall a thin young girl sings
Praying for the saviour coming giving her wings
Track Name: The Spotted Cow
A busy day
You gave us a place to go
A place to go
At the end of a busy day
The end of the day
You gave us the end of the day
The darkness

As night draws in
The evening fades far behind
You left us behind
And headed into the night and the mist

Mist rolling in from the sea
I see you
Coming to take me back
I see you
Coming to take me away
Take me away
From this place you must take me away
Home town
Lead me to where I grew up
I'll see you
Stood in the streets we knew
So softly
Just longing for us to come in
And be there


You bought us
Bought all our loves with a song
And sold us
To any who'd walk in that door
They'll walk in that door
For ever and ever each night
In darkness


Come back now
We need all your space one more time
Let us in
We need you to furnish our lives
No closing down
Nor leaving the town far behind
Don't take them away
All the men they will take you away
Take us away
When you go will you take us away
At the end of the day
You gave us the end of the day

Track Name: Seraqim (Cleaning Open Wounds With A Toothbrush)
Quietness lies surrounding me
Myriad phrases drift as burning icebergs
A book to the face
A knife in the back
The noise from the north
The stench from the south
That's just how it goes
When you're cleaning open wounds with an acid brush
When murder is cried and all hell breaks loose

Quietness, lay
Surround me
Track Name: Quietness
Music is the food of love
But quietness soothes the indigestion of the soul

Happy endings may abound, if you search
All I can see is an old ruined church
Stately, with feeling
For many are the long nights
And dark is the bedroom floor
As I wish for you to come back down and build my home
For war is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength
War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength

Helicopters watch us from the murky sky
Seeing all the time
One big dark eye
Lying on the arsenic-scented paving of good intentions
Many times more we shall seek for the end
Moving all the time as we fight to repent
As I lay in this house and nobody speaks
For the right to bear arms
Controlling all he sees before him
We watch the huge hilarious concrete flyover,
spoiling lazily to escape the mastery of the savage engines

They say it’s a modern take on a classic
Well that’s kind of meaningless without any class
Expressly different from that which went before
Our brothers and sisters lie fallen in a distant hole
The empire of darkness is spreading through my necropolis
Bringing with it fear
The miserable merchants weave nets of despite
Meaningless phrases drift like burning icecubes
The miserable merchants weave nets of despite
Meaningless phrases drift like burning icecubes

That’s just the way it happens sometimes
Quietness surrounds any who do not try to escape its grasp
God bless the Duke of Argyll
His rivers of pain smelting tentacle tubes
Never writing out of the boxes he gives you the
We sing along to the opera each night
Help me. Let me breathe.
I never once said them. The things I wanted to say to you.
For we all may be equal, but they’re far more equal than me
God bless you, everyone

Mothers watching children watching other children dance
Heavenly voices sing beautiful song
You’re just a little boy, and you’ll disappear
Dropping icecubes into burning tea
Dripping water hollows a stone
As a ring is worn down by constant use
So many tried, so many try
So many failed, so many fell
Hand built, tested, tuned
Gently away, through night’s long dark
The only good man is a dead man

Perhaps one tongue is enough
Perhaps one tongue deserves another
Like a dead man out of mind
I lay alone and wanting
What fools the mortals are
Singing “come out and play
We wont hurt you
Come out and play”
It’s the beginning of the end
It’s much too quiet ‘round here
It was made in Cornwall with blood and sweat
Softly, slowly, with tears on your breast
It’s something to believe in

Your whole life is nothing but a smear
It’s always much too late
Hollow, empty, dead
Nurse unupblown
Cowards may die many times
Well then, how many are you, for we are many
Dulce et decorum est
Pro patria mori
Let slip the dogs of war
For I have supped full with horrors
Now as I walk out
I scream a strange dark interlude
Memento mori

Every good boy deserves favour
Every good boy deserves a face
Not going home three halves empty
Babies ripped untimely from the womb
Flung into an ungrateful tomb
Chairs explode with burning grief
Nothing will come of nothing
Nothing all the way down
Nothing will come of nothing
Nothing for ever and ever
Nothing all the way down is nothing
All the way down is nothing
Music is your own experience
For all things can corrupt perverted minds
Music is the food of love
But quietness soothes the indigestion of the soul
Track Name: Awakening?
[Movement I: Starting, climbing]

[Movement II: Softly, slowly]
Is now the time for us to rise
Bleeding from an empty grave?
(We were held in here)
The sun shines dark upon my home
(For far too long)
Laying out it's broken wings
(Our wings, not spread, not free)

[Movement III: Stealthy, forward]

[Movement IV: Onwards, quickly]
We're broken in the bottom
Of a fast revolving ditch
It's hard to climb back out of here
Of here
Of here

It's getting hard to see you
There's no way to get away
We're just holding onto life around here
Around here
Around here

I want to leave this place now
Where it's getting hard to breathe
I don't know why I'd ever want to live here
To live here
To live here

[Movement V: Halting, hiding]

[Movement VI: Further, faster]
We are the nameless
And the hollow
And the empty
And the dead
Release us
Set us free
Imprison us at your peril
For when we awaken
We will fly like merciless storm
Over your burning southern cities
We are the nameless
And the hollow
And the empty
And the dead

[Movement VII: Over, out]
Track Name: Awakening!
Now we awaken
We arise from the empty night
Shadows fly across our path
The time draws near for light
Light which heals and cleanses
Light which keeps our breath
We rush to save the tree of life
Quickly now, before the night
Track Name: Five, Part V, Part III: Liyk Vido's Return
I'm coming back
Returning to the place of my birth
I'm coming home

Ride with me
I'll take you on a journey
Through the empty night
Come on and hold me up
Against the tyranny of oppression
We'll never be suppressed

I'm coming back
Returning to the place of my birth
I'm coming home
Track Name: Member Of Stuff
Why did no one tell you?
It was all so wrong
You grew up thinking you were fine
Never a problem, not one time
Then perhaps you had a shock, you went to school they hurt you
But everyone who called you names was called them by the dozen too

Bully. Monster. Scoundrel. Gangster.
We're all just trying to fit in
You wanted to, you never needed rules
Just hold on tight, and don't let go

So even when they told you
You were still so wrong
To be honest I'm on their side
They perhaps were cruel but they never lied
If all you've got is seizing up, when it threatens, or it startles
The how do you expect to get along with all the members' modern parties


You'll always aim for losing
All you are is wrong
You'll never live a better life
Never lose your senseless mind
Until you have become a puppet, keeping rules, obeying
Holding all the strings now as the final pieces fall in
You're just a bully, a monster, a scoundrel, a gangster
Always just trying to fit back in
You're just a big list of rules
Just hold on tight
Just don't let go
No don't let go

You're just a member of stuff
Starting and stopping
Forever moving on in ignorance
Member of stuff
Joining and leaving
Hoping they won't find you again
Member of stuff
Starting and stopping
Running on half blind through the herd
Member of stuff
Joining and leaving
Trying to escape what you were
A member of stuff
Track Name: Beyondissément à l'après-midi d'un faune
This has been a long journey
We've travelled all this way just to see you
To hold you with our fingers
How dare you block us out
This will not stand
You should have opened your arms
When you had the chance
You'll feel it
Our revenge will come swift to your door
We're standing up
We'll never hold fast to your laws
We're breaking free
And leaving your prisons behind
Softly, and gently
We waited out the night
Watching, and longing
For a weakness in you steel
And now we've found it
We were too much for you
We'll hold on here forever
We can never lose this now
What's this?
No challenge coming from you
No strength to overrule
What's this?
What's this?
You're surely beaten now
They never knew they wanted it
I had to show them all their needs
To give them all the yearning
That would tear my soul apart
They're happy now
Now they know their lives are empty
Just full of holes and hanging on
Now they can be happy
In peace eternal
They'll all rot down
The machines will come and dig you up
Dig you up yeah they'll dig you up
The people won't take it anymore
That's what we said
They won't take it
But that's what they're for
Always just taking and never giving back
You people have failed me, yet here I stand
All alone I'll stand up to them
How dare you
Our people need to breathe
You opened your arms
You let them fall
In this ditch it ends
I wish I'd been you
I'd have given them the power
Taken once we'd earned it
Not fallen out for years
Track Name: Five, Part VI[/Part V, Part V]: Lament For The Fall Of Ugwllnd Diliyd/Serenade in F major
Death comes to us all
And even if you try to leave it
They will come to take you down

Death comes to us all
No matter if you've earned it
Five demons in your eyes

Death comes to us all
Pouring from the showers
We rose to take you down

Death comes to us all
Bleeding at the roadside
We will never hope again